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It's A God Job
Community Advocate
SHARING is committed to helping people physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally.
Certified Community Advocates are trained to become adept at speaking for people who cannot help themselves. People gain heightened awareness of their surroundings, learn to assist in any emergency, and gain confidence in their ability to take appropriate action in any situation. SHARING has solutions to help the homeless, the sick, the incarcerated, the abused and anyone who has lost hope.

One of the biggest issues for people is feeling alone and helpless, yet with just a little kindness a person’s perspective can be transformed. What makes a lasting difference is when one can provide solutions that create immediate funds. Community Advocates are provided with tools for effective crowdfunding. They learn how to help people make money monthly, weekly, and even daily. Many of our fundraising strategies are free to get started; all one needs is a phone.

Once income is generated, Advocates learn to help people address their critical needs, whether it be attaining clean water, food, safe shelter, better health or improving their mindset. They will be able to guide people towards making better choices for their overall health and well-being. Advocates are educated about natural products that can repair cellular damage, increase oxygen and blood flow, restore organ functioning and gut health, improve eyesight, diminish inflammation, increase circulation, balance glucose and so much more. They become great listeners and learn stress management skills that decrease someone’s anxiety in a matter of minutes. Certified Advocates come away knowing how to address the whole person and renew their hope regardless of their circumstances.

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