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♦ The Education Fund

Students benefit from the expert guidance offered by instructors who graciously lend their time from a wide array of disciplines. SHARING is committed to helping people grow physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally.

We have extraordinary answers for achieving health naturally. We offer training on how to grow your funds. We help you focus your mind on becoming spiritually aware. And we have experts to help people become balanced emotionally no matter what they have experienced in the past.

As members progress they experience the joy of sharing. Everyone who participates is given a free expense account, also referred to as a SHARING wallet. The more people you help, the more SHARING coins you receive.

Stewardship Algorithm
Mastery Algorithm

There are three certifications available, each with 11 course levels. When students complete all levels they can become certified as: Community Advocates, Social Entrepreneurs, or Humanitarians. Or, one can choose blogs from all three focus areas. The beauty of SHARING is there are no, "have to's." Helping people fulfill their calling is what SHARING is all about.

This Fund is an excellent pathway if you are looking to discover how to find and fund your purpose. Many people will wish to begin here if they are just getting started on their journey to achieving infinite success

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