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♦ The Endowment Fund

Everyone can benefit from creating an Endowment Fund whether it be for personal concerns like home care, a child's education, a more secure future, or for a charitable project that impacts the world.

Thanks to the diversified, proven strategies SHARING employs, people come to understand how to work smarter not harder as they learn the secrets of the wealthy.

We have chosen two Endowment Channel Partners to help people compound, multiply and grow their funds. Our 1st Partner compounds funds through Mining Contracts, our 2nd Partner triples Ethereum using the instrument of Smart Contracts.

Mining Conracts
Smart Contracts

However it is not enough to amass great wealth. Inside the context of sharing we must all learn how to be good stewards, making decisions that benefit humanity. People learn principles that prepare them to be responsible for allocating tremendous sums of money effectively.

The beauty of it is, the more people who move with us to grow their Endowment Fund, the faster we can provide food, water and shelter for people in need and a clean environment for all. When you achieve infinite success, and invite others to do the same, we all become empowered with a renewed sense of hope and ever increasing resources to fund humanitarian projects.

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