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When you can be happy "without," it gets easier to bring it about.
Care less....Yes, care!! Care a LOT, but not so much that even an ounce of your...
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Sora Garrett has a new profile cover. 1 month ago
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My desire has always been to be in a position where I can have the resources to help others with their needs, and also help to meet their goals,... Show more

Excited & delighted to enter the Sharing U, to expand my sharing world by meeting others ready to make an ever greater difference for our world.

I’m opening up in sweet surrender to the sharing university of life.

The Universe places us in an environment of evolution once we are receptive to the journey. Thank you Coach Dean for this avenue of opportunity.

Where the blogs be yo?

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We are all connected, just like each part of our body plays a part in our ability to live, so does each person play a part in this existence we call... Show more

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