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Everyone deserves a way out of their situation.

SHARING is committed to helping people find, fund and fulfill their life purpose. We do this by equipping people with cutting edge tools to easily create their endowment fund.

We invite people to register for free and take a test drive to see how the SHARING platform works. Through the process you will be shown how much people are earning in real time. We share stories to inspire, creating moving films from the successes of everyday people. 

1st Line of Business

Step 1. Infinite Partners

Thanks to technology that has only just emerged, it is now possible to receive cryptocurrency on a daily basis. People can begin for about $50* and continue upgrading to whatever level of success they desire. No matter where someone begins, they can succeed, with a one-time, out of pocket investment, and begin increasing their funds from day one.

*The actual cost is based on 0.04 Ethereum. As the coin’s value increases so too does the amount needed to get started. Google 0.04 ETH to USD for current pricing.

First step is to set people up with the specific Ethereum wallet that works with our Smart Contracts. Simply click on the icon and follow the instructions.

Step 2. Infinite Learning

Everyone in SHARING receives a personal expense account where they receive the SHARING coins they are rewarded. The more someone invests in themselves, and helps other people to do the same, the greater the amount they will receive in their sharing wallets. SHARING coins can be exchanged for bitcoin, or saved to benefit from the increase expected when they go on the exchange in the Fall of 2020

Step 3. Infinite Money

Here people are invited to download the Infinite Success app and follow the simple Getting Started instructions. There are several benefits included with this free app.

People receive a free trading account with absolutely no strings attached.

They receive a free Visa accepted in 190 countries and capable of exchanging cryptocurrency into their local fiat currency (cash). This development is a tremendous tool in fulfilling the mission of SHARING. For the first time in history we can give a Visa card to people worldwide enabling us to help them create and expand their endowment funds. Or for those who have immediate needs to address first, it gives them a way to pay bills, get cash, stay healthy, help their children and the list goes on. Note: In those countries that do not as yet use cryptocurrency, they will still receive a Visa they can spend local currency.

When people complete all three steps they have succeeded in setting up an endowment fund that will begin making profits on a daily basis beginning their first day, achieving their vision faster then they ever imagined possible.

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