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All people have a calling.

Here we partner with people who have a heart to make a difference in the world. With the aid of the SHARING platform we are able to empower people, helping them actualize their true calling. We accomplish this in the following three steps.

3rd Line of Business

Step 1. Infinite Banking

People who are in action helping others grow physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally are given a personal Calling Card. They are guided through a process of discovery, unveiling their gifts so they may touch more lives. Once people are clear what gift they have to share, this all-encompassing tool helps exponentialize the effectiveness of communicating their message to the world.

Step 2. Infinite Nutrition

Cleansing our “temple” is not just a physical pursuit. It also encompasses a person's spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Eating correctly, drinking water, taking natural supplements, sleeping well, making time for relaxation, prayer and meditation, releasing old patterns and automatic responses to situations and becoming unburdened by the past are all aspects of this focus. To truly be of service to another we must first “clean our own house.”  In this process leaders are developed, capable of dealing with others at the highest level and able to manage huge sums with integrity designated for humanitarian purposes. 

Step 3. Infinite Vacations

For those focused on humanitarian works, there is an urgency in creating endowment funds able to grow in perpituity. Here people gain access to the strategies of using OPM (Other People’s Money) to jumpstart their endowment funds. This includes personal loans, business loans, grants, lines of credit and government loans.

First we help people determine if their credit needs to be addressed. If so, we connect them to our competent credit restoration source to achieve extremely fast results for better loan rates. Then we focus on helping you set up your business or increase the viability of your existing business. A majority of people are obtaining loans ranging from 20 to 200 thousand. Funds are released quickly, anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. We are literally able to help anyone procure a loan, given it is a country that allows us to do so, no matter what a person's background. Perhaps even more importantly, we can help them grow their endowment fund to such a degree that paying back the loan on a timely basis, if not long before, is secured by our programs.

In Closing

When people align with us in the actionable ways described, they will experience the joy of making a difference, blessing many along the way. The stories that arise from these profound yet simple acts of sharing are being captured on video and will be compiled into a feature film lending hope to people everywhere

Everyone has a calling. We invite you to join us to find, fund and fulfill your purpose . Together we can shift, collectively creating a new culture, one based entirely on sharing.

We welcome those with a heart to make a difference with loving, open arms.

Register here to begin a perpetual cycle of giving, receiving, sharing and empowering yourself and others.

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