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PURPOSE applied
Great ideas deserve to be funded.

SHARING's purpose is fulfilled when we teach people how to grow their endowment fund and ensure their vision continues in perpetuity.

We set members up with three, diverse Bitcoin strategies; purchasing coins that increase in value, trading coins using master traders capable of doubling assets and mining coins to compound and increase their endowment fund. (These strategies can all be done passively.)

2nd Line of Business

Step 1. Infinite Coins

The altcoin we chose for this category is a gaming coin. Online gaming is a billion dollar industry. People play tournaments from teenagers to sports stars to win millions of dollars. Gaming has a huge audience worldwide and is a lot of fun as people can play and have actual conversations with famous athletes. As a result of high usage, the coin is continually going up in value. It is predicted to skyrocket when it goes public and becomes available on the exchange.

Step 2. Infinite Trading

We have Master Traders currently trading crypto and fiat for us. People put money in their own brokerage account and let the traders trade exactly as they trade for themselves. People have access to their funds and can make withdrawals anytime. Trades occur daily so folks are earning profits on a daily basis. The average monthly profits outperform traditional investments by far. People no longer have to learn how to trade to succeed, their funds are multiplied by traders capable of doubling and tripling their accounts over and over again.

Step 3. Infinite Mining

As with many income strategies, being at the ground level of production is often the most lucrative. These mining contracts create BTC AND BTCV for a period of 1100 days and includes the mining equipment, electricity and compounding controller. Everything is in place to begin producing daily profits from the moment you begin. People can choose at what speed they wish to compound their funds by setting the amount of profit to be left in or taken out each day. Those that are able can allow 100% to compound their startup sum exponentially in their first year.

These bitcoin strategies make it possible to fund projects for generations. 

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