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Sharing Pioneer
SHARING stands for Sending Hope And Rebuilding Into National Goals.
The Big Picture

SHARING is a 508 (c)(1)(a) spiritual and humanitarian nonprofit organization committed to helping people find, fund, and fulfill their purpose, and in so doing, inspire a new culture based on sharing. Thanks to technology catching up with the vision of SHARING, all the pieces are in place to help individuals, organizations, and communities solve problems, fund projects, and be positioned to achieve financial independence.

There is no cost to become a SHARING Pioneer. The process is simple, people register for free and immediately receive a personal website, their own blog, and a SHARING Wallet. When people follow the simple steps provided in our tutorials on how to share their site with others, they are rewarded with SHARING coins in direct proportion to how many people they help.

SHARING utilizes cryptocurrency as it is the first currency in history with the potential of ending poverty. Our tutorials provide step-by-step training on how to unlock success, teaching people the strategies of how to create and compound an endowment fund that grows in perpetuity. SHARING Coins are redeemable in Bitcoin and connected to a free, international Visa card. In addition, by the end of 2021, people will have the option to exchange their coins for gold. The more you help others, the more coins you receive in your SHARING Wallet. It is that simple.

As more people engage in the SHARING ecosystem, the value of the SHARING coins naturally increases in value. This is possible as our nonprofit bequeaths 100% of the profits received, in part with those who share our offerings, the remainder committed to our specific humanitarian projects. (visit our Humanitarian page to learn more about our projects.) No matter what action people choose to forward their personal vision, they are contributing to the SHARING ecosystem simply by sharing the education, resources, tools, services, and opportunities offered.

Imagine if every time you helped someone you were gifted a cryptocurrency that is steadily increasing in value and you did it just by giving someone your SHARING link. And what if whatever you did to fulfill your personal vision you simultaneously increased the economy that was the source of the coins you received? You would be contributing to an economy designed for the good of all, that in the process, grows your personal endowment fund.

Everyone who registers is encouraged to contribute their inspirational stories about the people whose lives are positively impacted by SHARING. The most profound stories collected from people’s blogs will find a place in our feature-length documentary films. These stories of human kindness may serve to move people such that they too adopt a sharing mindset, ultimately funding more humanitarian projects. 

Pioneers have three certification options available to them, designed to transform one’s mindset, physical well-being, financial solvency, and humanitarian capability. Decades of research and development have been invested to create tutorials delivered in blog format, designed to remove the barriers that stop people from achieving their highest potential.

As people fine tune their vision, expand their mindset, and sharpen their skill sets they learn to share in a giving way. They develop health and wellness practices, receive mindset education, discover benefits previously unavailable to them and even learn how to become their own bank, using their very expenses as an income generator. SHARING provides people a chance to discover a more fulfilling way to improve the quality of their lives and become equipped with real solutions for those in need.

People are crying out for guidance and support. What would it be like to have the knowledge, the confidence and the skill sets someone needs to change their life and contribute to the lives of others? Whether it be as a Community Advocate, a Social Entrepreneur, or a Humanitarian, those who participate in our certification training will be equipped to make a difference for themselves and others, whatever their circumstances.
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