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Prosper Club
Socially conscious fundraising brings families and communities together in a common cause.
Social Entrepreneurs are on the front lines of changing how business is done. The Entrepreneur Certification is designed for those who wish to create, or engage with existing businesses, that are committed to actively solving community problems. Social Entrepreneurs are disrupting a long-held belief that success is only attainable when money is the first consideration. Yet, there is clear evidence in the marketplace that when a company has people’s welfare at heart, it is possible for everyone to win.
Entrepreneurs learn how to think “outside the box” when it comes to fundraising. These are trying times. People need extra help. Many have lost their jobs or had their incomes decreased making it difficult to afford the basic things they need for themselves and their families. Entrepreneurs learn how to help people raise funds without negatively impacting their budget. They gain the tools and resources to help themselves or others get an affordable loan to fund a new business, get out of debt or cover their rent or mortgage. They have access to fast, effective, and inexpensive credit repair so they can get the loan they need. They have ways to save money and make money from home right now, today. They have access to science-based products known to boost the immune system, repair damaged cells and restore health naturally. They even have access to discounted travel and entertainment for those who just need to get away and relax but could never afford to before. All things that can make a big difference, all of which require funds.

Whatever your goals, the Entrepreneur Certification helps people excel while fostering, and perhaps even expanding, a level of humanitarian integrity that becomes a shining light to guide and enable others.
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